Happy New Year!

May the year bring you great joy, love, health and creative growth.

This painting was made recently by one of my private students, Jane Gardner. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jane for over fifteen years, usually twice a month. We meet out in the landscape as the weather allows, or in my little teaching studio behind my house.

Lately, Jane and I have been talking about space in her work. I’ve been asking her to consider the background – the spaces in between her objects – as much as she thinks about the forms. She likes the flowers and the small objects she paints and doesn’t really want to add a lot of information to the spaces around them. And that’s all good! Here she activates the background and the spaces with a light, and beautiful touch.

Everything exists in relationship to its environment. Even if the environment isn’t talked about a lot, its still there. I call this idea Shape/Space.

I love this painting! Its 18 x 24“, made with gouache on watercolor paper, and took Jane three sittings to complete.

Melissa Weiss