Light and Truth

My best self comes out at home as a wife, mother, and friend, and in the studio making and teaching. Art has saved me time and time again as I maneuver through this life. It has also helped me to know myself.

November was challenging for many of us this year.  There was much fear and anger after the Presidential Election.

Watching Hillary’s concession speech brought me back to my true home during the turmoil. I was so impressed with her clarity, her strength, her thankfulness for everyone who showed up along the way, and her call to us all to keep doing the important work. She was talking to all of us, but I heard her say to me: Janet, Simply Keep Going. Keep being your true self.

So I did. I went to my studio and painted. I cried, I sang, I meditated, and I got lost in the light of the painting I was working on. The forest, the trees; they are the village. And the light behind and within them is, well, the light.

The light is spirit, hope, warmth, love, truth, and a place that I trust.

I wish the world all those things – light, truth, hope, and love – this holiday season.

Melissa Weiss