Perspective Drawing Made Easy

Perspective in drawing is a technique used for drawing architectural objects that move back in space. It is the skill of drawing solid objects so that they give the right impression of height, width and depth in relation to the surroundings.

Being able to draw using perspective is super helpful. We use it in simple still lifes with box-like or cylindrical forms. But it can feel highly technical. And for those of us who don’t lean toward the mechanical in drawing it may feel too hard to grasp.

In my experience as a teacher it takes a good six weeks to learn the two basic forms of perspective: One-Point and Two-Point. And once a person has a good grasp on the technique they often need to keep working with it in order to sink it into their consciousness in drawing.

What to do if you don’t want to bring a highly technical approach to your work, but you want your objects to appear real in your drawings?

I have a trick! In my upcoming class, Perspective Made Easy, we will be working with two easy ways of placing objects, and drawing correct angles so that something looks real. We will learn how to measure the angle of an edge that moves through space (some lines are vertical, some are horizontal, and some move through space). And we will chart some simple angles from lines above our eyes, and lines below.

My goal is to keep people moving through their drawings instead of getting frozen in something that feels too hard.

Flow is best!

Melissa Weiss