These four artworks were made in the order they’re shown by a current student of mine.

She’s just begun a series on donuts after seeing a painting of one that inspired her.

They’re hanging in the student area of my studio, and I get to look at them all the time.  I love their progression, and I can’t wait to see what happens as she moves on to other donuts.

We started with a basic painting (1) trying to capture the color, the shape, and some of the light. The next lesson (2) was spent working on a drawing to get what I call “the light story”.  It’s important to be able to draw an object in space, with a single light source, in order to effectively describe the three dimensionality of it.  Being able to draw the way light moves across the surface of a form is a fundamental drawing skill. It makes the object look real. Once we spent the time to work out the light story in a drawing the next painting was easier.  She knew more about what the donut looked like in light.  First she made a warm up in paint (3), working out the light, and then (4) she made a very convincing and beautiful painting using light, color, shape, and shadow.

Foundation skills in drawing sit right underneath effective paintings.

She’s bringing in chocolate glazed donuts next.

My next Foundation class starts on March 3, in San Rafael.  AND I have a free hour on The Light Story at the San Anselmo Library on February 9.  To register for either event go to the schedule page of my website.

Melissa Weiss