Keeping the Creative Ball Rolling


And many things will be coming at us fast and hard.  How do we slow down?  How do we make the connections with our interests and ourselves that are meaningful?

As we discover our curiosity about things, do we take a moment, an hour, or a week to follow through with that curiosity?  If it’s for our kids, or spouses, or an ailing loved one, you bet we do.  Do we act on curiosity when it’s for ourselves?

My wish for all of us in 2019 is that we find ways to keep our creative ball rolling.  Perhaps that means drawing the food that’s left on the table after a meal, meeting a friend in the landscape with a sketchbook, or closing your eyes and drawing whatever vision comes to you.  Or maybe it’s a class, a retreat, or a weekly entry in your calendar for “curiosity” time.

I get support from Elizabeth Gilbert:   “Did you do something today toward this thing?  Did you keep the ball rolling?  Then you’re good.”

Keeping the ball rolling can mean many things, and each of us finds our own way.  This holiday season, with a family of five, a beloved sister in town, and the 90th birthday party of my lovely father, keeping the ball rolling meant stopping in to my studio every few days to look at my paintings in progress. It felt great to simply connect with the spirit of my work, and then move on to the sweet family that was calling me.

Again, Elizabeth Gilbert:  “I’ve learned to give myself all the credit in the world simply for being in motion.”

May 2019 bring you creative motion!

Melissa Weiss