The Ease of Simplicity

My lovely Sunday afternoon student came to paint this weekend. She’s been working with me for about twenty years. (!) I can’t really call her a student anymore. She’s become a friend, and an artist. In her calm, extremely thoughtful, and right-minded way she’s also a powerhouse in the business world.

Student work

She made this painting as her warm up this week. She had brought a few of her birthday presents to my studio. Ones that she received recently, wanting to paint them. I asked her to start with line, using her left hand – her non-dominant hand.

Wow! The result was:



No sign of thinking hard.

Just doing.

Just seeing, and drawing.

In flow.

Does it look labored or worried about being “right”? No.

Does it look easy? Done without critical or judgie brain? Yes it does.

How good it feels to keep it simple – to be in the act of looking and recording what you see, and nothing else.

And how beautiful the result!

When you’re drawing and you feel uptight, or hyper critical, try drawing with your non-dominant hand. It will make you think less, and be happier.

Melissa Weiss