Four Artists Who Draw: Looking Closely

Watching the way my students grapple with art issues, and their own curiosities in art is a true joy.  And yet the one thing that often goes missing in all of the skill building and personal growth is showing the work and sharing the process.

Here is some of the art of four students that have been working with me for 2 to 21 years.  They all started with a drawing class – private or group – and some have been painting with me as well.  

I am very happy to have a show of their work at Riley Street Art Supplies where I also teach drawing classes.  It opens this Friday, 4/12, with a reception between 6 and 9pm. 

When we make art we often work alone.  Perhaps we’re in a class with others, or alone with a teacher or a coach, but we still find that our travels in art making are unique to us.  Even if we sit next to five people doing the same exercise we will each complete the piece as we see it, making our own marks through the piece, moving as only we move, thinking and seeing as only we do. When we follow our instincts, our curiosities, or the wishes we have for our work, we move farther down our own path.

We share our work with those immediately involved.  But sharing it further with our extended families, or our communities is an excellent way of showing more of ourselves to our world.  

 Congratulations to Naomi, Jane, Jay and Barbara for sharing their process and the beautiful results with us!

And thanks!

My next drawing class at Riley Street Art Supplies starts 4/28. Go here for more information.

Melissa Weiss