Working Hard : Snapshots

I have a new student who has come to me for foundation skills in drawing.  She’s someone who has been creative her whole life – as a person, a writer, and a painter of both the real and the imaginary. She has a lot of awareness about paint, pastel, collage and pencils, but she said that she wants to start at the very beginning because she feels her drawing skills aren’t very strong.  She’d like to build her art pieces with more drawing ability. And so we are working with value scales and basic shapes in light.  She is learning that it takes awhile to see something the way it truly is instead of how we think it looks at the start.  And she is experiencing the technique of creating good value scales, and the meaning and application of them in how she sees.    

I have another student with whom I’ve been working for six months.  She has a long and solid history in painting and drawing and has exhibited and sold a lot of work.  Through drawing she is discovering which parts of her past work as an artist are truly important to her and that she’d like to keep working with, and which ways of working she can walk away from.  She’s also building skill in her drawing.  She’s learning to see more. In seeing more her world becomes larger.

 I have started to make drawings again of the paintings I’m making.  I used to have a studio sketchbook practice that somehow fell away during my early years of parenting.  With little time in the studio I had wanted to get right to the point in paint. But now, as I work the same ideas over and over again in my paintings, I find myself back in my old, lovely habit of drawing the ideas and the work in progress to help me move them along.  It’s another way for me to push my ideas. And to know them more fully – to understand more about what my work means. 

The three of us are working hard to learn more about the things we see that have meaning to us. 

Melissa Weiss